Thursday, 14 October 2010

The BIG Meal for Christmas Day 2010

Last Christmas Mission International's BIG meal supporters fed needy children on Christmas Day in Uganda, Burundi, Ghana, Kenya, India, Pakistan and Haiti.   Reports were that each project had a wonderful day with much excitement and enjoyment.   Christmas Day 2010 is now fast approaching and we would very much like to feed those children again this year and many more as funds allow.   If you can contribute £3.00 per BIG meal then we can make sure the funds get to the various projects on time and that the many hungry children will again have an enjoyable day together on Christmas Day 2010.
The message of Christmas is a powerful one for children.   The message that Jesus cares for them when they are in great need is a message that we in Mission International would like to bring to as many children as possible.   This is the message you send when you provide a meal for a child, Jesus can use you to share His love with needy children this Christmas.
Send your donation to The BIG meal 2010, Mission International, 25 Tait's Lane, Dundee, DD2 1DZ, Scotland. (Cheques payable to Mission International).

Thursday, 10 December 2009

The BIG Meal Christmas 2009

Children throughout the developing world know little about our Christmases except perhaps in their dreams.   If they have heard of Christmas at all then perhaps their view of it will be much closer to the nativity than what seems to be the 'meaning of Christmas' to those of us who live in one of the rich countries of the world.

To focus at all on Christmas however means that the brutal pangs of hunger have to subside for a while.   Mission Internatioal's The BIG Meal is designed to do just that.   Needy, hungry children are provided with a very special Christmas Day meal and as they eat it are told of the Love God has for them and have explained to them the real meaning of Christms, that there is a loving God who cares for them and who will be with them through even the most difficult circumstances.

For £3.00 per child a BIG Meal can be provided on Christmas Day allowing those who receive the meals to enjoy a special time on a very special day.

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Saturday, 6 June 2009

The BIG Meal is praised by recipients:

Pastor Thanks donors for the BIG Meal Christmas 2008.
A Ugandan pastor has written a thank you letter to Pastor Emmanuel Sunday the coordinator of The Big Meal. As you will see from the letter and pictures below the children were very happy to be provided with a meal at Christmas time.

Children arrived at church and were given food in celebration of Christmas.

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Friday, 28 November 2008

More children will receive a Christmas BIG Meal:

Little GEMs:

Christmas 2008 will be a special time for more children than ever if Mission International's BIG Meal is able to raise the money to provide a Christmas Day dinner for needy children. Up till now children in Africa were the only beneficiaries of the BIG Meal but this year GEM (Gideon Evangelical Ministries) has teamed up with Mission International to provide meals for children and families affected by leprosy. Leprosy is a treatable disease but still there are many who are affected and India has a high number suffering from this terrible disease. Our desire is to make one day a very special day for these children and families. Christmas day will see them receive a very special meal and in that a message that someone at least cares for them.

If you can support this act of kindness to some of the world's most vulnerable people please click here to print off a donation form.

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